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About Balloons Game

Welcome to Balloon game, home to everything related to balloon bursting fun.

There is a heavy emphasis to Ninjakiwi's select of bloons games on this site including balloon 3 and balloon 4. This series of games dominates the internet with regards to games including balloons. We are however on the lookout for other flash games that are highly rated and include balloons.

Free balloon games online were few and far between until Bloons was released back in 2007. Ninjakiwi games produced an addictive and simple flash game that has since been played hundreds of millions of times by casual gaming fans throughout the world. Gamers love to pop balloons even more thanks to the creative and fun games they have produced. The first game can be even played on the iphone now!

Our site is dedicated to bringing you this series as well as other flash games where you pop balloons.

We have everything from the Ninjakiwi balloon 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 player packs through to the tower defence games, all within 2 clicks away!

If you are addicted to popping balloons then we have over 400 levels of pure balloon fun. Control your monkey, throw your darts and start the fun now.

Every Ninjakiwi balloon game comprises of 50 levels, with the last 10 of each being extremely tricky, if you manage to get past them all you deserve a gold star for skill and perseverance as you have accomplished what most fans shy away from!

If you get fedup with the normal balloon games, then try the tower defense collection. In particular Balloon tower defence 3 and Balloon tower defence 4 game which both boast an outstanding collection of defense towers and levels at your disposal. The graphics are really cool and the playability is second to none, enjoy these wonderful games and every other monkey dart game at Balloon-game.com.

Latest Balloons Game Alerts

Balloons Tower Defense 5 is launched

The fifth in the series is here! How many more can they make? BTD 5 has so many improvements once again on it's nearest brother BTD 4 with new tracks, towers, side kicks and enemies. So what now for the series, will there be a sixth game? Join there discusion here on Balloons Tower Defence 6.

Balloon Spring Fling Released

The 3rd edition of bloons 2 is released into the flash games community with more epic levels of balloon bursting fun. The spring fling edition features high end glossy graphics based around a spring theme with lot's of summery goodness. See if you can get through all 50 levels of Balloon Spring Fling and escape the chill from Bloons 2 Christmas edition!

Balloons Tower Defence 4 Update

balloons tower defence 4 update track dna

A new track has been added to BTD 4 and we are very excited to offer it to our visitors. The DNA strand track is on advanced setting and can be played on either beginners, intermediate or hard difficulty. Try it for yourself now, play BTD 4 Update.

Bloons 2 Christmas Edition Arrives

Just in time for christmas Ninjakiwi have releaed a christmas special to follow on from the well anticipated launch of Bloons 2. Featuring 48 new levels of balloon bursting fun this edition promises to top the last christmas player pack released. Play the new christmas special now.

Bloons 2 - Launched!

The sequel to the first game will has been released, you can play Bloons 2 here!. Bloons 2 features tonnes of exciting new tracks and zones to play as well as extra glossy graphics. If there is one balloon game out there that has it all it's definately this one.

bloons 2 game iron curtain level

Balloons Tower Defence 4 Expansion Pack Launches

Free games developer Ninjakiwi has released an expansion pack to its 4th tower defense game. The expansion pack features 4 brand new tower defense levels as well as some twists in the way you can strategise the cost of towers. Play the expansion pack now.

Track Editor

Balloons track editor is now available for Bloons Tower Defense 4 (Balloon 4). You can purchase the track editor by registering with Mochimedia and then using Mochi coins to buy the editor. The track editor allows you to use 4 different backgrounds and 4 different styles of track and is incredibly easy to use.

There are also a number of community tracks that have been created by balloons game fans and are available free to play with. They can be accessed at the Ninja Kiwi website.

Balloons Tower Defence 4 Launched

The long awaited Balloons TD 4 has been released into the flash gaming community and fans have gone wild already playing the game millions of times round and giving it outstanding reviews. The sequel to balloon 3, the 4th in the series features stunning graphics, an even greater variety of towers and weapons and more levels than ever before. Just when you thought Ninjakiwi could do no better than balloons tower defence 3 along comes the epitomy of bloons td games.

Balloon game launched on IPhone!

The popular game Balloons game has been launched on the IPhone as an app. With over 150 brand new levels of balloon pop fun, fans have gone crazy. The pull back and throw dart technique used on the flash is equally as simplistic on the iphone and works a treat. You can download the balloon game for the iphone by visiting the itunes store and downloading the game through their software.

The Poppit Show! Available at Big Fish Games

poppit show

We all love to pop balloons and what better way to do so than winning prizes on a fun tv show. In The Poppit Show Game unlock new tv sets by bursting balloons in fantastic 3d graphics. This game came out not so long after the original poppit game and has a whole lot more going on than the original game.

Poppit Sprint @ Pogo

poppit sprint

Pogo is one of our favourite casual game sites, they are one of the biggest free online gaming portals in the world and have yet another exciting balloon game for you to play free. Poppit Sprint is the blitz version of the original game. Beat the clock to rise to the top of the leader board against thousands of other players who are online playing the game at anyone time. You need to pop two or more of the same coloured balloon to increase your score, with three of four multiplying your score exponentially.

Coin balloons can also be popped in game to buy power ups with and to unlock special content. So why not try Pop Sprint today?!