Deca Jump Game

Reach for the Skies, Deca Jump!

From the well-known online flash game developer, MINICLIP, comes their Tenth Anniversary offer, Deca Jump. Putting together all their classic characters from their game line-up since the year 2000, Deca Jump is a fun and relaxing way to test your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and overall gaming prowess. Are you guys ready to see who can reach the top first? Let us see how high you can Jump.

Blasting Off! Welcome to the Pipe

The game’s graphic animations are quite decent, with enough detail on the characters and background. The game does not use any annoying effects that we normally see in other online games - this allows the player to concentrate on the game better. Since the game revolves entirely around moving up inside a massive pipe, colour changes and designs are pretty much the same throughout the game – which is a bit disappointing. Deca Jumps’ levels are pretty limited - you pretty much just move through a straight metallic coloured pipe with cogs, with a watch as a background design.

With each character you get to use at every checkpoint, players will find that they are animated quite differently from each other as they jump, bounce and ride a rocket up the pipe. These details in the game’s animations – while minor, really add to the games character’s individuality.

The Sound of the Ongoing Festivities

The music for the game is also well suited for an anniversary game, from the upbeat festive music in the menu – accompanied by the firework explosions in the background, to the in-game music that gives you that sense of fun you get when you are playing outdoors. The game’s tempo gives that sense of urgency, which pushes you to move faster and jump higher – despite all the obstacles you must overcome to clear the game. The music really fits the game well.

The game’s sound effects are crisp and clear, from the bouncing sounds of the balloon to the whistle of a firecracker as it speeds up the pipe ending in a confetti explosion and with enough variety to give the players that much needed audio experience most games lack.

Beware the Green toxic Goo… and Miniclips nostalgic roster

As for the gameplay, we have to say it gets quite addicting once you get started.  The goal is pretty straightforward. Using your mouse, you are given control of a colourful balloon to send your character up a giant pipe, moving from one checkpoint to the other before you either run out of helium or you fail to bounce him upward to the next time machine - all the while collecting coins and different coloured balloons to increase your overall game score.  At the start of the game, the pipe is slowly filling up with green toxic goo and the only way to escape is to go upwards - so keep moving. Keep heading up, do not let your character fall to his toxic death or let your balloon run out of helium.  Moving the mouse around to position the balloon beneath your character to send him higher up is the key. Moving up the pipe diminishes the helium inside your balloon with each bounce, so you have to keep watch of the size of your balloon at all times. Also, depending on the angle on which your character hits your balloon determines how high he will go.

If you see a Miniclip balloon, the ones with the letter M on it - grab it as fast as you can, since it will help you move up the pipe much faster. Power ups are also a big help in Deca Jump. With a variety of Power Ups available, like the rocket balloon which hands your character a firecracker that he grabs onto and sends him zooming up faster than a normal jump or the green balloons that sets up spring boards at the bottom screen to save your character if ever he falls. While some power ups have requirements, such as collecting five green balloons first before the springboard gets activated, each one can definitely help you achieve a better score or save your player’s life. Keep an eye out for these power ups while traversing the game’s towering tube to make sure you have an ace under your sleeves when you desperately need it. All in all, gathering these bonuses depends on how good you are at moving the balloon using your mouse while collecting stuffs you can use in your quest to reach the top.

As you progress up the pipe, the game will start throwing different obstacles at you, to make your progress harder and a lot more challenging. Some of these obstacles are giant fans on the walls that blow your character to the opposite side of the pipe – throwing your character off course. Some other stuff you see normally in a pinball machine that knocks around your character are also thrown in. These obstacles normally break after a few hits by bumping into them a few times, depending on how much helium you have, avoid them if you are low in helium and destroy them if you have a lot left. There are also dynamite sticks that start to appear higher up the pipe, avoid these at all cost since they can be very dangerous.

Collecting as much coins and balloons on your way up rewards the player with points, each item has corresponding points to it, coins are fifty points each, spare Miniclip balloons are worth two hundred and fifty points a piece, the Green Springboard balloon and the Rocket balloon are worth five hundred a piece. Reaching a checkpoint gives you a bonus of 1000+ points per checkpoint. With all of these score racking items spread all over the place, players should be reminded that you only have one life in this game, if you fail to keep moving up, you will have to start over again – so deciding when and where to grab those reward items is crucial.

Having only one character to bounce up will be quite boring after a while right? Players start off with the main character – a kid in jeans with an M on his shirt, but with each time machine you reach a different character from a different game that Miniclip has made in the past ten years will trade places with your character at random. They range from the Monkey of Monkey Lander (2003), Dr. Carter from Wheels of Salvation (2005), President Barrack Obama from Obama Alien Defence (2009) and the Gravity Guy (2010). There are more characters included in the line-up so you will not be bored by playing the same characters over and over again since they randomly change per time machine. Plus, if you have played the other Miniclip games, you will definitely appreciate seeing the return of some of the characters they have included in this Anniversary game. 

Lastly, what is the point of getting an insanely high score in Deca Jump if you are only playing it by yourself? The answer is simple; you can save your score and post it on the online High Score list, and show everyone your platforming skills and superior gaming prowess. You can challenge your friends’ scores or have them challenge yours.  It is a fun way of playing with your pals online and seeing who is the king of the hill.

The Last and Final Bounce

Miniclip has been making quality games since it started in the year 2000 and Deca Jump is definitely a great addition to their list of fun and addictive game titles. Simple games like these can get you hooked once you start getting the hang of the objective and controls - especially if you are pretty good at it. Whether playing alone, playing with friends or challenging the high score from someone on the leader boards, Deca Jump offers different levels of difficulty and fun for everyone. With the simple objective of bouncing a bunch of characters up a pipe with a balloon - pretty much anyone can join in the fun.

While there are a few minor gripes about the game, like the limited number of power ups – we really wish there were more, or the lack of stages, Deca Jump is still loads of fun and can definitely keep anyone busy for a few hours. Miniclip’s newest offering is a fun game for everyone and a great release for their tenth anniversary. We hope they continue to make games that are simple, fun and yet very addicting for future generations to enjoy.