Bloons Game

About the original game

In the balloons game you must complete 50 levels using a small brown monkey to pop as many balloons as you can. The balloons come in all sorts of colours but the colour makes no difference in the game. You have a restricted number of darts for each level so ensuring that you pop as many balloons as possible with each throw of the dart is essential.

Bloons game is a very popular and well known game amoungst fans over the internet. It is now hosted on 1000's of websites across the web include this site. Who would have thought that a small brown monkey would make such a big impact, but there is obviously something simple and innocent about the game that makes fans love it, as soon as they first start throwing those darts many simply can't stop.

If you can overcome this first collection of 50 balloon popping levels, there are 5 player packs and 2 extra games on top. That makes over 300 levels of extra darting throwing fun to accomplish, more than enough to keep you going during times of boredom.

Once you get past the first 20 levels of the Balloons game, you will start to notice quite a big change in the difficulty of the levels. Ice balloons come into play, where if you accidentally pop one, it freezes up many balloons in its area preventing you from popping them and more than likely ruining your chances of proceeding to the next level.

Balloons game also has some cool extra weapon features later on, such as a balloon that contains 3 darts. Once you pop this one, your next throw will incorporate 3 darts instead of 1, allowing for a larger area to be covered and popped. There is also a pacman balloon which once popped, allows you to control a pacman that can snap more balloons into oblivion. Finally there are bomb balloons that explode many others around it and spike boulder balloon that when popped unleashes a heavy spiked object that quickly plummets destroying all balloons in its path.

What is rather baffling is the option of unlimited darts, which seems pretty pointless why someone would want to play a game that required no challenge or skill, perhaps it was introduced so that fans who were starting to get really annoyed with a certain level could by pass it and come back to it later.

Balloons games really are a heap of fun and you would be one of few people if you were to deny that there is a certain temptation to play them for atleast an hour. If you don't have time to complete the original game, then simply return the website later and you should find your progress is saved for another bash. Have fun, enjoy, but don't get too addicted!