Bloons Player Pack Game

The First Player Pack Comes Out

Look out the monkey is back with more darts and more balloons. The Balloons Player Pack 1 game offers more dart throwing fun for fans and office dwellers alike. So has much changed from the original balloons game? Well not too much, it's a case of satisfying more of the demand from fans who have been itching for another 50 skill and puzzle solving levels with the little brown fellow. You will soon find that you are tearing your hair out at the sight of these colorful floating annoyances when one of the levels becomes too much to handle.

Level 1 - Message Final - Starts off in typical balloons fashion, with the easiest of tasks at hand, simply throw your dart against the first balloon and you have completed the level. You will find that popping 100% of the balloons is child's play.

Level 2 - Blind Rage - Sees your monkey immersed in a huge pile of balloons with lots of different variations including bomb balloons, pins, boomerangs and spiked balls. Again you're given more than enough darts to reach your pop percentage and you shouldn't find anything too demanding about this level.

Level 3 - The Trinity - Slightly tricky, with their being only 1 dart to throw you must viciously bounce it around the spongy arena and over the bomb balloon popping enough balloons individually before the dart finally reaches the bomb, as when it does the dart will disappear.

Level 4 - Broken Heart - Involves several bunches of balloons. The first set directly in front of you is easily cleared by popping one of the bomb balloons, with your second dart you can simply aim straight ahead and blow up the majority of the balloons in the heart cluster. Your third dart must clear the majority of the remaining balloons in the heart cluster. The fourth dart should aim diagonal down to blow up the 3 remaining below your monkey.

Level 5 - Pop One - Seems actually easier than level 4, with just one dart to your name you have to loop it suitably over the large bomb cluster gently popping the two spiked balloons at the top of the bunch. This should see your dart carry on setting off a chain reaction of light saber balloons that will pop the rest.

Level 6 - A Lot Going On - Will present an even easier task. Shooting directly above your monkey, pop the big line of pin balloons at the top of the screen to cause a chain reaction that will end up opening up the pacman balloon for you to chomp your way through the last remaining 3 balloons, ensure you pop the bomb balloon and not one of the freezing two.

Level 7 - Temple 2 - A fairly bog standard level of the Balloons Player Pack, lightly drop your only dart onto the balloon containing 3 more darts. The dart should then hopefully, bounce onto one of the spongy steps below and go on to pop a few more balloons. Now with your 3 shooting darts you must throw them so at least 2 bounce up one more time to clear enough balloons to complete the level.

Level 8 - Narrow Escape - Take out the light saber balloon at the top of the screen to clear a narrow path through to a spiked boulder balloon. With your second dart, loop it precisely through the crack to pop the spike balloon and clear the hiding bunch.

Level 9 - Slick Ribbon - One of these levels that can be very annoying if you don't take your time to aim the dart properly. You must first take out the front row of balloons avoiding making contact with the second frozen row. Once you have perfected popping the front row, use your second dart to clear the frozen balloons.

Level 10 - In the Mine Shaft - Quite a tricky little number this Balloons player pack 1 level is one of the games most intriguing challenges, you have to loop the dart up into the air at the right angle to drop and pop the spiked balloon so it manages to reach the exploding bomb balloon at the bottom of the screen. At first you may think you need to squeeze your dart down the hole, but you will actually find that sometimes the spike boulder will be able to set of the balloon blast. This was one of the most enjoyable levels covered in the Balloons player pack.

Level 11 - Champ 4 - You may get sick to the back teeth of the game at this point. It's one of those annoying levels where you have 1 huge bunch of balloons and you must clear enough of them to get by, but you will likely find you're always around 5 or 6 balloons short.

The idea is to first loop a dart in order to pop one of the two three set dart balloons. The average player can get the hang of this after a couple of turns. With the 3 set dart you must now throw them at a solid angle to clear a lot of the other balloons out whilst popping the second three set dart balloon.

With the second three set dart you must throw them at a sufficient enough angle to clear the remaining balloons.

Level 11 was as far as I progressed in Balloons Player Pack. Good luck in completing the player pack, it will certainly prove a challenge for the average casual games fan.

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