Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game

Balloons Tower Defence 2 is almost a patched version of Balloons Tower Defense 1 game with a few additional features being introduced.

One of the most obvious developments in the game is the introduction of difficulty settings with those being easy, medium and hard. With each setting comes a different landscape which makes a welcome change to the typical bog standard green landscape in the first game.

Easy level setting has a simple blue sky and white track; medium level setting sees the return of the green grass landscape and hard level setting has a sandy desert feel. There are 3 additional tower defence options, these are:

  • Monkey glue - Slows down balloons. Each blob can slow down 20 balloons before wearing out and lasts until the end of the round.
  • Road spikes - Like the monkey glue can be placed anywhere on the track and pops up to 10 balloons before disappearing, again they last until the end of the round in which they were deployed.
  • Boomerang - A giant monkey which throws a boomerang to pop balloons. The boomerang follows a curved path back to the tower. An upgrade allows the popping of frozen balloons, which occurs due to the defence of the ice tower.

Balloons Tower Defence 2 is a decent effort at giving fans an extra game to tinker with but falls well short of the quality gaming experience provided by the 3rd game. Still it is worth a play, so why not slap on the hard difficulty setting and see how long you can survive the attack of the balloons!