Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Review: Welcome to the Monkey Kingdom

Having successfully defended themselves from the onslaught of evil bloons in Bloons Tower Defence 4; our lovable primates have established their very own monkey kingdom. But peace was short lived, because the bloons are back and this time they have their own new set of powers to unleash upon our heroes. Another war is imminent in Ninja Kiwi’s latest addition to the Bloons Tower Defence franchise.

Gathering all the knowledge they have learned from military tactics and skills from the realms of the mystics. These monkeys will not back down and let the bloons have their way, so come join the fight to protect the kingdom from utter destruction and guide the monkeys to a safe and happy future.  Level up and upgrade your favourite primate and create a variety of defence units that will thwart the evil bloon’s plans and restore peace to the land.

It is a Whole New World to defend

No really, it is. Bloons Tower Defence 5 has definitely pushed the series’ graphics further by using a 3D graphics engine for its background rendering. The game’s special effects are great to look at since they redefined everything from the smallest detail, from the shapes of the darts thrown by the monkeys, to the smoky explosion a cannonball shot creates, as well as changing some of the defence structures into monkeys themselves - giving the game even more depth and character than ever before. Each unit undergoes a different transformation with each upgrade, while some of them were designed to up the bar on cuteness; others looked extremely lethal once you unlock their strongest upgrades. Of course having a new upgrade system means there are more designs for each unit – which we cannot wait to see.

Each monkey now has his own unique picture when you click on him - it appears at the bottom left part of the screen, the portrait changes as you level up the unit. This shows you how your upgrades will affect the outlook of the unit – whichever unit and upgrade you choose they all look great. Bloons Tower Defence 5 has captured the quirkiness of these primates and created a cartooned picture of them that will make anyone smile. Subtle movements of the units give life to each of them and makes you want to watch rather than plan your next strategy. You can even see the shell casings that the sniper monkey ejects from his gun chamber after he shoots down an enemy balloon.

The menu system has changed as well. There is now a new selection bar where the help window used to be at the bottom of the screen, this houses your “Special Agent” units - which you can buy with accumulated cash which can be seen at the upper right corner of the town centre menu screen.

The developers gave some of the old defence units fresh new looks, with the colours and animations of the sprites being simply wonderful to look at. The special effects have also been adjusted and fine-tuned, like the laser beams on Super Monkey and the brand new lightning jolt of the Monkey apprentice provides more definition to how powerful the attack looks.

The screen that shows what types of bloons will come out next has reverted back into a fading menu like the one found in Bloons Tower Defense 3, though this time it will stay visible on screen until you click your mouse so you do not have to worry about reading the contents quickly.

Jungle Fever

The Soundtrack used in the game definitely sets the jungle mood. With a variety of maps to choose from, and different levels to play them on, playing the game will take you hours upon hours to get through all of the stages and difficulty settings. Since the music used in the game is essential in keeping your mood up as you pop those bloons, the composers of the game’s music definitely took their time in creating a nice music track for the game. The Sound effects used in the game are not lagging behind in any way whatsoever; especially when you hear the awesome rumble effect of a Monkey Apprentice’s lightning blast hitting a balloon horde.

The Never Ending Battle with Bloons

They never give up do they? Those pesky bloons just keep coming up with nastier ways to get through your defences and ruin your day. With the application of the camouflage ability in other balloons and the heart shaped balloon that regenerates if not popped quickly, players will have to tweak their defences and strategies to meet the demands of this new game and the new challenges it brings. Thankfully Bloons Tower Defence 5 has provided you with new units to help you out. Like the sniper monkey that can shoot any bloon on the map at the cost of a slow firing rate, the loyal tack shooter who has been in the game since the early Bloon Tower Defense titles, and the deadly Ninja Monkeys - they can detect those nasty camouflage bloons and deliver attacks with their deadly shurikens.

There is a new upgrade system being used in the game. A two path skill tree with four upgrades each where  you can only choose one of the four upgrades. This provides you with two similar units with entirely different abilities that can widen the range of the strategies you can dish out to stop the bloon menace. You can view the Skill Tree and a short definition of each skill in the Camp Screen where the monkey fountain is located. Like in previous games,  you can only unlock the additional units by levelling up your Career rank, just like other options in the game.

Another cool feature that was added in this game is how you acquire the upgrades for each unit. In the previous Bloons Tower Defense games all you need to upgrade a defense unit is to purchase the unit and have enough cash to upgrade him. This time it is a little trickier since the defence unit now have experience bars of their own - the more you use the unit in battle the more skills they get to unlock, so even if you have enough money at hand, it won’t mean squat if you have not been using the unit in battle. The Monkey Ace was also given a new option of flying in three different patterns, a number 8 shaped pattern, a huge circular one and an infinity symbol pattern. You can choose which one to use to suit your needs, you can choose which pattern to use by clicking the Monkey Ace’s landing pad, which is also a new addition to the game.

The games increasing levels of difficulty will surely test your mind and patience as well, because there are some stages in the game that are really hard to finish without retrying. You can also try your hand with the special missions that this game has to offer which puts you in different scenarios with special conditions to receive rewards ranging from cash to huge amounts of experience points.

The smart application of shortcut keys or hot keys for each defence structure helps you manage your troops more efficiently so as not to rely on the mouse for everything. Also the addition of the Special Agents bar at the bottom screen adds more to your arsenal of tricks. These one-time use special attacks can provide you with the extra firepower no normal tower defence can give. From the ever reliable Super Monkey Storm - that annihilates all non-Moab class bloons on the map, a Meer cat Spy that detects camouflage bloons, to an angry squirrel armed with acorns that go berserk for a few seconds when an enemy bloon gets near it. Choosing which one to call on to save the day is something the player must also consider while playing the game.

All in a day’s work

Being the fifth in a series of great Bloons Tower Defence games, this one sure takes the cake. From a wonderful 3D graphics engine, to defence units that look so good you will be glued to your seat for hours playing and watching the game, to its fun and addictive gameplay, Bloons Tower Defence 5 is truly a game worth playing. Although the game does require you to register at to be able to save your game properly and access the other neat stuff Bloons Tower Defence 5 has to offer, you can still play the game as a guest and enjoy popping those pesky bloons with the help of your primate army. Ninja Kiwi has definitely raised the bar to another notch in this brilliantly presented game and deserves a hearty applause for their hard work. Real Time Strategy game lovers will definitely enjoy it, Bloons Tower Defence 5 certainly deserves a towering score of 86/100.