Bloons 2 Game

About Bloons 2

The long anticipated sequel to the original game released back in April 2007 is almost upon us and will feature 96 brand spanking new levels, whilst the visuals will get a decent polish, very much like BTD 4's graphics received.

The Bloons 2 game that will no doubtedly like its predecessor involve popping balloons to proceed to the next level will also offer secret levels and additional power ups.

We can already see from the screenshots that our monkey will be somewhat mobile as he flies a plane in the air strike level screenshot, bashing into balloons that release spike boulders onto the line of balloons below. The question remains will the sequel deviate too much from the original or will Ninjakiwi strike the fine balance between keeping a popular game series fresh and sticking with what has made all the games such a success?

Flash gaming fans are surely awaiting this one with itchy fingers at the ready and we will be providing a walkthrough to the game within a couple of days of it's release.