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Balloon Bird

Bobo?s are birds?with wheels?and a deployable balloon stuffed in a backpack. Neat! Snag ice gems, bonk Banguins (bad penguins, get it?) bent on ruining your racing fun, and use your creativity to find the Golden Path to victory against your friends to lay claim to birdy glory!

Release Date: 26/08/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

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General Red Eye And His Minions: General Red Eye and his flightless, flippered baddies wanna keep you from racing. Why? I dunno, we haven’t asked him, but that guy seriously needs to get a grip. Ruin General Red Eye’s evil schemes by avoiding traps, stopping Banguins and getting an awesome score no matter what he throws at you!

Multiplayer Madness With Friends: Collect Ice Gems faster than your friends, beat more Banguins, smash the most ice cubes, and cross the finish line ahead of the pack to earn Stars, or even the coveted Fire Diamonds! Do you have what it takes to be top Bobo?

Power Your Way To Victory: Use Fuel to power your friend and mentor Professor Q's ingenious performance-boosting racing Gadgets and gain a tactical advantage over your competition. Just remember, use them wisely!


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Balloon Bird is developed by Playforia.

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