daWindci Deluxe Mobile Game for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile

daWindci Deluxe

Paint wind, hurricanes and lightning on the screen with the tip of your finger and thereby navigate your balloon through the riddles and obstacles of each level. A world full of magical equipment and incredible inventions is waiting to be explored at a slow and relaxing pace: Monumental wind turbines on the horizon, an impressive hangar door behind you and a surreal fauna and flora around you.

Release Date: 17/07/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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  • Full HD support with a re-imagined, colorful and much improved art style
  • New free-form wind drawing mechanics for a more intuitive and natural experience
  • All new particle effects, crisper textures and post effect shaders push your devices’ hardware
  • Rebalanced and enhanced levels


daWindci Deluxe View 2 daWindci Deluxe View 3 daWindci Deluxe View 4 daWindci Deluxe View 5

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daWindci Deluxe is developed by ninjakiwi.

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