The Howler Mobile Game for Android and iOS

The Howler

The game can be played in a traditional ?touch? way or you can do everything by voice ? noise will make the balloon to go up, silence will let it down. You can even drop parcels or bombs by making short loud noise or by shaking the device.

Release Date: 07/05/2013

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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There are 16 missions in this game. Each mission is unique - you have to complete the task to go to the next one. This game is a mix of action and adventure and quest and puzzle solving. It does require some strategic thinking. Each level of the game is unique piece of art - all the images were hand-drawn on paper, in an old-fashioned way.


The Howler View 2 The Howler View 3 The Howler View 4 The Howler View 5

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The Howler is developed by Antanas Marcelionis.

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